Provisional film list 10th ICFF 2015/2016

TOKYO – a bicylce trip
Christoph Ohanian | Germany/Japan | 2014 | No language

Carola Pahl | Germany | 2014 | German with English subtitles

The man who lived on his bike
Guillaume Blanchet | Canada | 2012 | No language

Sander Joon |Estland ||No language

Coffus Hoffmann |Germany | 2015 | German
Eine normale Nachtschicht im Leben einer Berliner Kurierfahrerin für Diebesgut.
screen 2

Fortschritt durch Forschung
Klappradkollektiv Rakete Frankfurt | Germany | 2015 | German with English subtitles

Good bye bike
Guillaume Blanchet | Canada | 2015 | English

Bendito Machine IV – Fuel the Machines
Jossie Malis |Spain| No language
Bendito A

Fortschritt durch Vorsprung
Klappradkollektiv Rakete Frankfurt | Germany | 2015 | German with English subtitles
RAKETE vorab

Friedensfahrer Lothar
Romy Steyer | Germany | 2005 | German

Time for Vacation
Sulev Eesmaa |  Estonia | 2013 | No language
Spider-Man got a 2 week vacation after long negotiations. He decided to leave Tallinn and look what there could be found outside the city.

Baikal Ice Trip
Jakub Ribicky | Poland | 2015 | Polish with English subtitles
A bicycle trip on the Baikal lake. Two bicycles, three weeks, 900 km to go and a lot of ice.
bit eng-3

De Benen van Amsterdam
Wytse Koetse | Netherlands | 2015 | Dutch with English subtitles
In the fast-paced rhythm of everyday Amsterdam, Frans van der Meer runs his 90-year-old bike shop as one of the city’s most authentic bicycle repairmen. Frans not only knows his trade, but also harbours a piece of old Amsterdam, where the city is like a village, where neighbors are like family, and bicycles are like legs.
De Benen van Amsterdam Still

She Builds
Jon Chew | USA | 2014 | No language
A bike build film to inspire women who love bikes.

Lucas Camps | Netherlands | 2015 | Dutch with English subtitles
A boy stumbles upon a group of people who are waiting for an ever-lasting red traffic light and refuse to let him pass.
Groen Still 2

The Meeting
Damian Vondrasek | Czech Republic | No language

The Meeting

Fixed On Fixed
Raechel Harding | Australia | English

Fahrradfahren ist notwendig
M.A. Numminem | Finland | German with English subtitles
Fahrradfahren ist notwendig