Our film awards

The oldest film award for bicycle films in the world: The Goldene Kurbel

The Goldene Kurbel counts as the Oscar  for bicycle related-films. It is given to best film of the festival.  The award is chosen by a jury of local film, bicycle and art experts who are also in charge for the official selection of the festival program. The Goldene Kurbel consists of a golden right-side crank arm of a bicycle on the top of a wooden base. The crank stands as a symbol for the bicycle and refers also to the crank of early hand-cranked film cameras.

The first Goldene Kurbel was awarded in Bochum in 2006, awardees were Sylvia Winkler and Stephan Köperlfor their Austrian-German production “doored in downtown”.

All awardees at a glance here, and below a galery of selected awardees.

Die Goldene Kurbel 2013

Goldene Kurbel 2007

Übergabe der Goldenen Kurbel an Oscar-Preisträger Michaël Dudok de Wit in London, 2012

Die Kurbel in Soho

Trzy złote szprychy

Trzy złote szprychy – the Three Golden Spokes – are the award of the audience of the Polish performances of the ICFF. The price was introduced in Częstochowa in 2013, first awardee was the Polish movie maker Konrad Lewandowski for his short Michał Kluska.

Drei Goldene Speichen im Festivalplakat des ICFF

Audience award of the ICFF

Beside the Three Golden Spokes another audience award is given by the viewers of the Herne edition of the ICFF. The winner of the 10. ICFF is the Dutch film “Groen”, shot by Lucas Camps.