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Interview with DJ Mono

…the man at the turntables. ICFF: We heard your awesome sounds in mono at the ICFF 2009. Which extra mile do you want to go this year? DJ Mono: Always the same questions. Always higher, faster, further. I´m sick of this postcapitalistic delusion of growth. Even the ICFF is threatened to become mentally fat. You […]

Official Film Selection 2010

The film selection for the 2010 International Cycling Film Festival is done. We show 16 films from the UK, Belgium, Romania, India, Germany, Canada, Italy, Austria, Ukraine and the USA.

Film Fever

Since yesterday lots of DVDs are tirelessly inserted into the computers and DVD players, boob tubing on all devices and hot discussions everywhere within the ICFF board. All in all we watched 47 films (!) in the last 48 hours, and finally we selected 16 contributions for the programm 2010. The key question: who belongs […]