+++BREAKING NEWS+++ Goldene Kurbel goes to Sweden

The film award of the 11th ICFF – the Goldene Kurbel – was won by the documentation “CYCOLOGIC”, shot in Kampala, Uganda, from the Swedish movie makers Emilia Stålhammar, Veronica Pålsson und Elsa Lövdin.


Runner-up is the film “INERCIA”, an animation from Argentina, directed by Manuel Becho Lo Bianco and Mariano Bergara.


On the third place: “HOW TO MAKE A SICK EDIT”, a film from Matt Dennsion, Canada.


The Audience Award of the 11th ICFF was won by the film “TALL BIKE TOUR”, directed by Zenga Bros, Canada.


The folding bike and film team Rakete Frankfurt got a Honorable Mention for their Lifetime Achievement. Another Honorable Mention was given to Marie Ullrich, USA, and her film “THE ALLEY CAT”, honored as best feature film of the 11th ICFF.

Congratulations to all awardess and  big thanks to all moviemakers, who contributed to the 11. ICFF, for their splendid films!