“The Legs of Amsterdam” wins the Goldene Kurbel

Frans van der Meer is the bicylce repair man of Amsterdam. His 90 year old workshop keeps the legs of Amsterdam running. “De Benen van Amsterdam”: The documentary of Wytse Koetse, Netherlands, 2015, is the winner of the Goldene Kurbel 2015.

De Benen van Amsterdam Still

Picture: Wytse Koetse

Insane applause also for runner-up, which is Jossie Malis and his impressive animation “Bendito Machine IV – Fuel the Machines. On the third rank is Romy Steyer and her documentary “Friedensfahrer Lothar”. Congratulations in behalf of the Jury Board!

Bendito Machine

Bendito Machine IV – Fuel the Machines – Photo: Jossie Malis.

The Award of the Audience, decided through a public vote, was given to Lucas Camps, NL, and his film “Groen” – Green – a comedy about a student, by bike and in a hurry, who is detained by a group of pedestrians, waiting for a traffic light to turn green. The absurd situation evokes Vladimir and Estragon in Godot, but in a ticking thrill like Gary Cooper in High Noon! The film got also a Honorable Mention as Best Film Comedy of the 10th ICFF.

The Jury Board gave Honorable Mentions to another three films:

RIDE, Coffus Hoffmann, Germany: Best feature film adaption by bike. RIDE is a homage to the feature film Drive by Nicolas Winding Refn. The German actress Julia Rölle acts as a getaway driver on a fixed-gear bicycle, doing her job precisly and cold-bloodedly.
Baikal Ice Trip, Paweł Wichrowski and Jabuk Ribicky, Poland: Best bike trip documentation. Baikal Ice Trip shows a bike holiday on Lake Baikal in the South of Siberia, in winter at minus 30 °C.
Vorsprung durch Forschung, Klappradkollektiv Rakete Frankfurt, Germany: Best folding bike film. A tongue-in-cheek documentary about the advancements in folding bike race technology by the research and development center of Rakete Frankfurt.

Big congratulations from the festivals makers and the Jury Board!