“The Bell” from Pijus Mickus, Lithuania…

…is the winner of the Goldene Kurbel of the ninth ICFF 2014. The compelling dance film tells the story of girl’s dream of a bicycle of her own, fulfilled by her loving parents. But the bell does not ring, therfore the young owner starts her first ride to let the bell repaired. The bike ride through the Lithuanian landscape appears difficult; finally the bicycle falls apart into pieces. Pijus Mickus’ short shows powerfully expressive performance dance, with Indrė Pivoraitė and her bicycle as a congenial dance partner in the leading roles. At the end nothing remains of the bicyle but the bell that ends the film with a bright sound.

Still form “The Bell”

The German animated film „i ride to the edge of the atmosphere in half an hour on my bicycle” is awarded second price. Movie maker Michael Klöfkorn sits down on his cycle and visits various irritating moments of history and society. The visually stanning ride meets the pschoanalysis of the Berlin victory monument aw well as the capitalistic swine cycle and further socio-cultural absurdities.

On the third rank: The Israelian prodcution “Cycle”. Amir Porat’s and Mor Israeli’s artful animated work was made just within five days. The short shows different people im move, charming day-to-day cyclists, moving in an imaginary bicycle race.

The audience awarded was given to „Panamerican Childhood“, shot by Lea and Gregor Speth. The two-years-old girl Ronja tells her perspective and experience during a two-years bicycle trip from Alaska to Chile. The two movie makers from Berlin also received the film award „Trzy Złote Szprychy“, the Three Golden Spokes. This is the audience award of the Kraków issue of the ICFF, which was given to „Panamerican Childhood“ by the Polish audience.

Three Golden Spokes, specifically brought from Kraków

Congratulations to all awardees and movie makers who contributed to the festival! It was a blast of bicylce culture in the overcrowded Flottmann-Hallen, 16 plus four films, the band G.O.F.T.A. playing film music, delicious vegan banana curry (Velokitchen Dortmund), the hazelnut bicycle, Soundkitche Soundbikes – just to mention some of the highlights of the festival. Thanks to all of our supporters, fascilitators and, last not least, the wonderful audience!

ICFF 2014
The awesome audience of the ICFF 2014


“Cycle” presents day to day characters cycling for an impossible to reach finish line. The short was created for the Israeli contest Maratoon 2013. “We were giving five days to create a short animation from start to finish on the subject of bicycle. ‘Cycle’ won second place!”. An animation from Amir Porat and Mor Israeli, Israel, cycle-amir-mor-credits (01363)2013.

From Bavaria.

Finally once again on stage: Richard Westermaier. With his brand new film “Die Helmkamera” – “The Helmet Camera”, starring Nadja Hammacher in the leading role. Epic Bavarian narrative cinema. What colour is the humour? Deep black.

Nadja nah gut