Call for entries 2013 now open!

Movie makers from all over the world are now requested to contribute their films to the eighth issue of the International Cycling Film Festival: Celebrating the bicycle. For further details on the call and the contribution process just select the related menu item.

The ICFF 2013 has got some novelties: The official deadline for the contribution of films is end of August. But, there’s an additional chance for early bird contributions: Some of the films we receive till mid of May will be preselected for the official program. Pictures and stills from this early contributions are taken for the official festival poster 2013.

Independent from this early Jury board meeting, all films – no matter if contributed early or late – are taken for the official jury process in September, were the decision about both official program and the winner of the Goldene Kurbel will be build. This year the jury board consists of members from Poland and Germany and will meet alternating in Częstochowa and in Herne.

What’s the reason for the Polish-German partnership? For the first time in ICFF history the official festival program takes place in both Poland and Germany: On Friday, October 25, the program is screened in Czestochowa, Kino Iluzja. On Saturday, October 26, it will be featured in Herne, Germany. The Goldene Kurbel will be award two times, in front of the Polish and the German audience. The award, including its sculptor and the jury members are coming from Czestochowa to Herne during the course of the Saturday.

Last not least the ICFF 2013 will provide some special awards, among others the award of the Campaign “Herne drives fair” for the best film shot by pupils; furthermore there are some ICFF internal talks about an award for the best bicycle music video. Watch this space!

ICFF-Team vor Ort

The Polish-German ICFF team in the projection room, Kino Iluzja, Czestochowa, Poland