Dear movie makers…

…and facilitators of the 7th International Cycling Film Festival 2012,

Fantastic films, perfect program, crowds of people keen on cycling films – the ICFF 2012 was a blast of bicycle culture! Thanks to you all for your great films that altogether created the best bicycle film program even conceivable. Our venue – the Flottmann-Hallen – was “proppenvoll” – chock-a-block, as the local press rightly reports, and the audience really appreciated your works – choice!

For all of you who haven’t been in Herne, you’ll find some pictures of the festival on the festival’s web site (menu item “Presse Lounge”) that give you an impression, and afterwards you have to think about coming to Herne next year (-> save the date: October 26, 2013!).

A key aspect of the festival is the film award – our famous “Goldene Kurbel”. You may know that every year it is a marathon of discussion among the jury members, talking and talking about evaluation criteria and the pros and cons of each film, cuz a lot of the contributions are really worth to win the price. However, the decision was reached, and this year the Goldene Kurbel is given to “Father and Daughter”, a Dutch animation short by Michaël Dudok de Wit. When it was screened in Herne the atmosphere was absolute intensive and quiet: the film captivated the audience – after all 200 people – so much, that you really could have heard a pin drop. Insane applause also for the second price that goes to USA; winner is Marie Ullrich’s film “Faster! “, a short feature film about the difficult life of bike messenger Jasper. On the third range: “Fabric Bike”, a Canadian production by The Deadly Nightshades documenting their unique way of bike production and competing somehow with our solid Golden Crank ;-).
The Award of the Audience, decided through a public vote, was also given to Michaël’s “Father and Daughter” – wow! It’s a long time ago that a film won both prizes; it happened at the ICFF 2007 for the last time. Congratulations!

Carry on with shooting cycling films, fabulous mates – a growing audience is waiting for you!
We – the organization team – are looking forward to your new works to be shown at the 8th ICFF 2013,
Let’s keep in touch

Benno – Tim – Peter – Andre – Kai – Gernot

VVicycle 2012. Film.Bicycle.Film

VVicycle is the unpronouncable name of the film days, within which the gorgeous UltraShortFilmFestival and the International Cycling Film Festival are embedded. Rough breakdown: USFF on October 5, ICFF October 6. Nonofficial opening of the ICFF at the later evening, October 5. After the Goldsprint. Too complicated? Just watch the VVicycle trailer.