“A bicycle trip”

An Italian contribution about Albert Hofmann, who discovered LSD 1943. Shot by Lorenzo Veracini, Nandini Nambiar and Marco Avoletta. Shown in the special “The fantastic bicycle film”.

Sad Saddles

Photographer Friedbert Rogge, pioneer of the Urban Bike Arts Movement, and his odd and beautiful photo installation: “Sad Saddles”, 100 pieces, old, alone, and swollen.

Special: The Fantastic Bicycle Film

The special for rooters of splatter and zombie bicycle films will be opened by an anime: Deathtic 4, shot by Shinji Kimura. The family zombie film from Japan shows that live is hard, especially when a frog fell down in the zombie’s underworld.

Still aus Deathtic 4

“It’s the Addams Family meets the Fantastiv Four with a healthy dose of acid”, so the specialised press about that masterpiece of the bicycle film. Thanks to rapideyemovies for their support!