Endlich Groningen!

Groningen ist die eigentliche Fahrradhauptstadt Europas und einer der traditionsreichsten Standorte des ICFF. Wir freuen uns auf das RKZ Bios, das legendäre Kino in der ehemaligen Kapelle des Oude Rooms Katholieke Ziekenhuis. Der rote Vorhang öffnet sich am Samstag, 21. April, ab 16H00 geht es los mit dem Rahmenprogramm.

Auf gut Niederländisch:

16:00 – 17:30 Gratis middagprogramma
18:00/18:30 – Eten
20:00 – 23:00 Hoofdprogramma 12e ICFF

Finally Groningen!

t’s time for the most northern festival about our best two wheeled friend; the bicycle! Maybe you’re hooked on your fixed gear, dream about downhill mountain biking or feel the black asphalt running through your cycle race veins, every cyclist is welcome. The International Cycling Film Festival is a must see for every cycle freak. And actually also for non cyclists who just love good films.

We start the day with a free afternoon program with the theme: Travel on the bicycle. We show you some cycling films that make you want to hit the road and explore the unknown immediately.

The evening program will be the 12th edition of the International Cycling Film Festival. This program consist of 19 short and even shorter films from all corners of the world. We have films from Rwanda, Kosovo and Australia. The evening program will last around 180 minutes and will be presented by adventurer and cyclist Erwin Zantinga

From 15:00 our cosy bar is opened where you can drink a (craft) beer for reasonable prices. So put on your cycling pants, oil your chain and hit the road towards the RKZbios for a day of fun, beers and loads of cycling films!

16:00 – 17:30 – Free afternoon program
18:00/18:30 – Food
20:00 – 23:00 – Main program 12th ICFF