Vive La Crise!

First of all thanks to all movie makers, bicylce activists, supporters, facilitators and the audience. They all provided the electric atmosphere and a great demonstration of cultural velopower in the Flottmannhallen.

Of course a key aspect of the festival is the film award – the famous „Goldene Kurbel“. After long discussions about the pros and cons of each film (cuz a lot of the contributions are really worth to win the price) the decision was reached:

The Goldene Kurbel 2010 is given to “Vive La Crise!”, a Rumanian animation made by Alexei Gubenco , Bukarest (see picture below). Cheers! In very brief words, VLC is a brilliant animation that takes the current economic and financial crisis as a starting point: The short shows in an optimistic and satirical way the benfits of the cycle for both individuals and society, refering to the (as it were) anti-consumerism character of cycling.

The Second Prize goes to a touching movie about Vienna’s bike scene, the local critical mass movement and its nucleus: „Bikekitchen – a filmic approach“, shot by David Paede and Barbara Sas. The Third Price was given to „Duel dans la sul“ by GRACQ, a group from Brussels fighting for the rights and space of cyclists in Belgium.

The Award of the Audience, decided through a public vote, was given to the youngest movie makers of the ICFF ever. The price was won by the German contribution „Robot“, a stop motion movie created by Fiete Isfort and Timo Liedtke, eleven and twelve years old!

We – the organization team – are looking forward to preparing the 6th ICFF 2011, maybe extended by some critical mass activities in our region. Wait and see!